Hi! I am one of the many John Serra you can find on the internet. You have reached my blog. Hopefully, I am the one you are looking for, but if not,  I still hope you stick around and browse through the different sections of my site. Otherwise, you are just going to increase my bounce rate. 😛

One reason why I maintain this website is that I use this space as my sandbox. This way I get to try things before I mess up some other website that I may be working on. So, if you come to visit, and something is not right, just come back later when I am finished playing.

Another reason for this site is that there is a growing tendency to do a search for the people we have met to see what they are about. Many times you come up with social profiles of the person, and sometimes you come up with stuff that others have posted about them. It is not always favorable stuff. For this reason, I believe you need to have your own web presence, even if you are not a business, but just an individual. Remember I wrote this is my sandbox. This is me playing around with my web presence…

You may know me from the food packaging industry. I have spent many years producing and selling PS, PP, and PET food packaging that is produced on extruders and thermoformers.

I like to cook. The more people the better it seems. I have a whole lot of cookbooks stuffed away somewhere because they are too heavy to move around, so now I keep my recipes over at tuzbiber.co. Much lighter to carry, and accessible from almost everywhere.