In this section, and the web pages you follow from here, you can find a glossary of the jargon I use on a regular basis. I have tried my best to write their definitions in layman’s terms, so everybody can understand.

Like any human being I have different aspects of my life that call for a different set of words. For instance, freestyle, stroke, body roll, and bilateral breathing for me, are all jargon related to swimming. Therefore they carry meaning within that context. (and yes, I swim on a regular basis since swimming and walking are practically the only exercise I am allowed)

Below you can read and click though to the various groups of jargon and their definitions.

Autism & Epilepsy – My younger son struggles with the two, so naturally we do too.

Digital Marketing – I really enjoy working in digital marketing.

Food Packaging – I have worked in this industry for a very long time. I have dealt with the production of thermoformed food packaging, the machines that are involved in their production, and the machines that are used to pack and seal the thermoformed food packaging. I veer off to other forms of food packaging at times as well. One of my pet peeves is coming across some food packaging that I have either produced, or sold, that has not been disposed of properly. For this reason, I am big on recycling and waste management. You can also find that terminology within this group as well.

Health & Exercise – In this group I have included words about proper nutrition, and exercise. Left unchecked, I am prone to walk on earth as an obese male, so this topic comes up very frequently. I don’t know if this makes the situation better, or worst at times, but I love to cook. So, I try to keep my recipes here on this website, and any terminology related to cooking will be in this section as well.