English has become the predominant language used internationally around the world. Whether you are trying to improve your career options, traveling for pleasure, searching and learning off the internet, or just gaming, you are most probably exposed to the English language.

People often speak of English as a global language, and when looked up on the Internet, you’ll find that currently more than 350 million people speak it as their mother tongue and more than 430 million people learn it as their second language, better yet, their first foreign language.

International trade, which extends its reach to newer countries with each passing year, has increased the need to be able to communicate with people across the globe. This, in turn, has been proving the English language’s prevalence in the field.

Many of the world’s best MBA programs are taught in English, so speaking English will open the doors to better study opportunities as well as put you in a better position to gain better credentials. Most multinational companies request a certain degree of English proficiency as a prerequisite from candidates applying for positions. Those who want to work for the best companies, and reap the benefits, strive to learn English and create opportunities to practice their language skills.