4 Reasons To Learn A New Language

While sipping my coffee this morning, I came across this Ted Talk again and thought I would share it with you all. John McWhorter, linguist and Columbia professor, explains four different reasons to learn a foreign language in his humorous interpretation.

If you are a language learner and are having a hard time following along, try switching on the English subtitles instead of your native language.

The first reason is that if we truly want to understand and get to know a foreign culture, we need to learn the language that culture is experienced in and the language in which the people of that culture live their lives.

The second reason that he shares is that people who know two or more languages are less likely to suffer from dementia, or at least to a lesser degree I suppose and that their multitasking skills may be more elevated than people who know a single language.

Languages can be fun. More importantly, learning languages can be very amusing.

Last, but not least, nowadays it is very easy to learn a foreign language. In the past, we had no other choice but to participate in a class, but now you can watch a TV series or listen to a radio station in the comfort of your own home. You can study with an app on your phone and thanks to the Internet, you can chat with someone who speaks the language natively.

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