Portion Control – Downsizing to compete with snacks

As lifestyles speed up and the traditional three-meals-a-day model fades, portion control continues to stake its claim in the baking and snack industries not only because of the perceived healthy attributes but also because of what it lends to portability.

According to Euromonitor International, 1- to 3-oz packages of savory snacks reached almost 40% of total unit sales in the U.S. by package size in 2016. Meanwhile, 4- to 6-oz packages made up about 16% of unit sales, 7- to 9-oz packages made up 19%, and larger packages continued to decline during the past five years and now make up less than 15% of total unit sales.

Desserts, staple foods and traditional snacks are finding new ways to reach consumers by making indulgences and meal replacements convenient, portable and available as snack options any time of the day.

Source: Food Business News

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