Packaging and food waste: Insights and advice

Food Waste

How can packaging take a bite out of food waste and do so sustainably?

“Packaging techniques such as modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and packaging innovations such as active and intelligent packaging are being used to combat food waste,” says Carol Zweep, manager of packaging, food & label compliance, NSF International.

“Many people believe that packaging is a major environmental problem. In fact, ten times more resources (materials, energy, water) are used to make and distribute food than are used to make the packaging to protect it.”

Source: Packaging Digest

When food is lost or wasted, all of the natural resources that were used in the supply chain are
also lost, including the use of land, nutrients, synthetic fertilizers, water and energy. As every new
step in the value chain adds resources and emissions, the waste of cooked food at the consumer or
food service level has the highest environmental impact.

Source: CHEP Australia

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