Globally Available Map Leak Testing System Showcased at interpack

MAP or modified atmosphere packaging leak testing systemA fully automated, leak testing system which has been developed to help food processors ensure that individual Modified Atmosphere Packages (MAP) do not have undetected micro leaks will now be available globally.

The LeakProtego has been engineered to test for potential leaks at levels lower than previously possible.

Because MAP leaks degrade shelf life, compromise product safety and negatively impact brand image, MOCON’s goal was to develop an in-line system that provides food processors with package integrity information further upstream to facilitate cost savings. Currently, most food processors test for leaks further down the line when the product has already been placed into cases or shipping crates. Solving the problem at that stage becomes more labor intensive and costly.

Typical applications for the LeakProtego include MAP pasta, bread, cheese, sliced meats and ready-to-eat meals.

Source: Packaging Europe

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