EatingWell brings Vacuum Skin Packaging to their frozen entrees

Vacuum Skin Packaging for frozen entrees

VSP frozen entrees

Consumers are looking for transparency in retail food offerings—in product ingredients, as well as in packaging. A new line of healthy frozen entrées delivers both, through the use of vacuum skin packaging (VSP).

To deliver a fresher, preservative-free product, Bellisio selected a frozen format. However, in order to allow consumers to see the high-quality ingredients in the EatingWell entrée on-shelf, it needed to find a packaging system that would resist frosting and freezer burn by removing the majority of the package’s headspace.

Bellisio was also looking for a format that would allow for the use of a low-profile plate that would duplicate for consumers the experience of bringing a premium, authentic entrée to their table. “In addition, the package system had to give a quality experience after heating in a microwave oven, where the food is gently steamed in the doming of the film,”

Bellisio selected Vacuum Skin Packaging technology. The package consists of a square, black, recyclable CPET tray covered with a proprietary film construction from Bemis that adheres to all open areas of the tray and tightly drapes around the food. To package the product, Bellisio purchased an automatic tray sealer customized for the application.

In addition to providing visibility to the product and allowing for a preservative-free recipe, VSP also uses a film-venting technology that lets surplus moisture leave the system. “This prevents excess moisture within the meal, which can make the food more watery and soft,”

Source: EatingWell brings VSP frozen entrées to the table | Packaging World

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