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Earlier on in my life, I kept a journal, but as responsibilities added up and circumstances changed, I just stopped writing. Then came along blogging, which intrigued me because it made journalling a public matter. Rather than a discussion with oneself, it is about socializing and discussing with others.  I have always struggled when it comes to being a regular blogger though… I never did get back into the habit of writing almost daily. Having just read Chris Brogan’s post, The Discipline to Write Daily, I believe this is due to my inability to find the moments of stillness where I could have put down my thoughts. Yes, I’m a parent, and yes, I’m a busy person… Excuses are plenty…

saturated writingI’m guessing that in my case, and I’m sure there are plenty others in my situation, scheduling the quiet time needed is obligatory. Between family and work, I just don’t seem to manage to find suitable time to jot something down. More importantly, I have not been able to slip into that state of quiet, where my inner peace would allow me to write regardless of my physical surroundings. So, in order to regain the habit of writing, like I used to in my journal, I will set aside the time required to focus on and practice this skill.

Hopefully, when this time comes around next year, I’ll be back in the habit of writing almost daily…

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