Burcu Tüzün: 5 questions if you exist on social media or not

It is so easy deciding to exist or not to exist on social media with the 5 questions below:

* Responsibility, time management and investment are needed for social media existence. Do you have enough resources?

* Will you be able to ignore the unfair reviews, the complaints of a customer, who could not take what he wanted from other channels? Or will you start crying?

* Did you notice that to connect with the people who has experiences with your brand has more advantages than trying to catch new ones?

* Are you serious about crises management?

* Do you have a serious online road map? Or you just move and see what happens?

If you say “no” to one of these 5 questions, just stop and be a televiewer of the social media. Be sure that you will learn so much as a viewer. Just be a good televiewer and listener.

Even if you say no to any of the 5 questions, can you really afford to stay on the sidelines of social media?

In the meantime the unfair reviews remain out there unanswered for new prospects to read and judge you by them, and your customers that simply wanted to complain and get some relief, feeling that they are not being heard, get louder and louder.

I agree with the questions… but I believe that if you are a business owner and answered no to any of them, your only solution is to get cracking and figure out what you are suppose to be doing. At the very least outsource it… Social media and its effects on your business are not going to go away…

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