Tweets du jour… (2008-07-03)

  • @SuzanBrandt I’ll be working w/ 11-10 year olds… #
  • Arrgh!!! Our hosting company is migrating from 1 set of ip addresses to another. All our domains are coming and going… 🙁 #
  • @michellem I see your using twhirl, so your on windows right? FF3 has been performing great for me, but mostly on linux #
  • Why doesn’t Flock have a what cha ma call it for Sphinn? #
  • Redundancy feels like a nuisance while changing all DNS records over to the new set of ip addresses on the multiple servers… #
  • Does twhirl get a % each time you click on a link? If not, why call iexplorer, instead of calling default browser..? 🙁 #
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