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Hi! I am one of the many John Serra you can find on the internet. This is my personal blog. You have probably clicked through from one of my profiles lying around on the internet. @johnserra is the handle I usually prefer to use for almost all my accounts, but you may have come across an @jwserra as well. So, welcome to my little nook on the internet.

John Serra
John Serra

I have been interested and passionate about internet technologies and their use in business for the most part, but also in their use in facilitating life for those of us who need a little extra help. I can easily say I spend most of my tinkering time to better understand and learn how to put them to good use.

I have worn many different hats and fulfilled many different functions during my past work life. On one hand, I enjoy teaching English as a Second Language, and on the other hand, I have spent a little over a quarter of a century in manufacturing and sales of food packaging. Both with some success I might add…

Hopefully, I am the John Serra you are looking for. If not, I still hope you stick around and browse through the different sections of my site. Otherwise, you are just going to increase my bounce rate. 

John Serra the teacher

Teaching is fascinating to me. Plain and simple. Whether I’m teaching ESL, or some process necessary to produce food packaging. To me, it is about the interaction with others and delegating through empowering them as you teach them.

My mom being a beloved English teacher, got me interested. Her students literally check in with her from various parts of the world thanks to the wonders of the internet and social media. I don’t think it was the English though, it was more about the kind of interactions you have, and learning something about your subject while teaching it.

I started teaching English while still in high school. I think it was my last year and I immediately got hooked. It’s great to see your students’ eyes light up when they have understood, and even better if they playfully start to put what they learned to use.

John Serra and Food Packaging

My first encounter with food packaging within a business context has to be way back in the day, back in Seattle, when I worked for a food distribution business. My job was to organize the drivers and their truck loads. Working on how to load the trucks to the max with the food destined to the local restaurants is what got me to first notice food packaging and its importance.

At one point in my life I worked for a Sultana processor. Besides supposedly overseeing the buying process, I was tasked with setting up the traceability of the fruit from farm to the processing plant, and from the processing plant to either industrial customers or retail packs. Tracing the fruit in xyz units got me thinking both about the flow of the fruit, but also what we are carrying them in.

Later I helped build and install and run a meat and poultry tray factory. We extruded and thermoformed GPPS to produce the trays. It is definitely not as simple as I wrote it in that past sentence. The two process production is fast paced and flowing. This too turned into a project of learning through teaching and delegating through empowering by teaching.

You can schedule a call with me or try to get a hold of me on Telegram… John Serra

Thanks for stopping by, please take a look around.

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